Southlands Farm Workshop  creative corner of Northumberland, Southlands Farm Workshop is an idilic place to work. Tucked away on a Northumbrian farm my daily commute is a weather dependant walk or dash through the garden.

The main facilities are:

Full mechanical workshop.

Lots of tools, hoists and cranes to tackle every job.

Tube bender for building bespoke roll cages.

One of our newest toys, we can bend cold drawn tube without deforming it, a great addition to our fabrication side as well as being perfect to make snug fitting roll cages.

Machine shop.

Often making something is quicker and easier than buying it, and you control the quality. Other times buying is better or farming out a CAD drawing, we tend to do all three but the machine shop is key.

Fabrication shop with TIG (mild and stainless, aluminium and brazing), MIG and gas welding, press, English wheel and a forge.

Weld it, cut it , bend it, shape it. Some use paint and canvas, metal is our medium.

Frame repairs.

We can make repair frames using traditional methods, and can also produce curved laminates using modern Epoxy resins and sealers to keep the dreaded rot at bay, we have also experimented with Accoya which is an engineered that is stable and lasts for 25 years in wet ground.


Crypton tuning.

Old fashioned now, it’s what you need to diagnose old fashioned problems. We are familiar with magnetos, distributors, coils, carburetors, multi carburetors, dynamos, voltage regulators – all the traditional gremlins can be catered for.

Wheel alignment.

So you’ve bolted the goodies on, we love making it all work. Full car front and rear wheel alignment.


Extensive stores.

We keep a wide range of hard to find slow moving stock to keep the projects moving along.

Mobile rally support workshop.

We provide support for rallies and tours, find out more here.


  1. Hi
    A message for Charles.
    How are you? I studied at Kirkley Hall with you and last contact was when you took me for a spin from Pont to Highlander then back via Your House rd. Crazy Gti. !I wonder if you remember.
    I did get your number from Mick Belsay but lost it.
    Hoping that you’re well Charles.

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